May 31st
5:20 PM

LOOK GUYS. I made this long long ago and it’s just been sitting in my draft box. I havent published it because I know youre all sick and tired of the click and drag games, but it seems like a shame to have it collect dust back in the MoA stacks (surrounded by one million blingee gifs, which im pretty sure are from Brynn’s time as temp-Editor). So just click and drag these bitchez, aight!?

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    I SWEAR I GOT THIS 1ST TIME I CLICKED, WITHOUT TRAPS. I’m Sherlock, my BFFL is Watson, I’m courted by Branson, my enemy...
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    I am Jane Eyre, best friend of Watson, courted by Branson, enemy of Lady Catherine, married to Mr. Thornton, and I live...
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    I am Jane Eyre and Molly is my BFF, I’m courted by Casanova, and am the enemy of Sir Richard, I’m married to Mr. Tilney...
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    I’m Lizzy Bennet, Molly is my BFF, I’m courted by Mr. Wickham, enemy of Moriarty, married to Will Buxton, and we live at...
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    you are… Ms. Hale your bffl… Moly courted by… Sherlock enemy of… Lady Catherine married to… Matthew Crawley live at…...
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    I am: Sherlock BFFL: Molly Gibson Courted by: Branson Enemy of: Lady Catherine Married to: Mr. Darcy Live at: The...
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